Nickel Chrome Wire

Nickel Chrome Wire
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Nickel Chrome Wire has the following characteristics:

70ni-30cr has high nickel and chromium content, low iron content, good oxidation resistance, thermal strength and low positive temperature coefficient under 1050℃. At room temperature, it has high plasticity, cold stamping and welding properties. After solid solution treatment, the alloy is monophasic austenite.

Metallographic structure of Cr30Ni70:

Cr30Ni70 alloy is single phase austenite structure

Application scope of Nickel Chrome Wire

1. As a heating element, it is mainly used in periodic heat treatment furnace with the temperature below 1050℃, such as carburizing furnace and bell jar furnace, etc. However, it is rarely selected

2. It can also be used as high quality heat-resistant steel structural parts, such as shaft type and burning frame for furnace


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