Nickel Chromium Wire

Nickel Chromium Wire
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Nickel Chromium Wire features:

(1) High temperature strength;

(2) Long after the use of cold down, the material will not become brittle;

(3)The emissivity of ni-cr alloy after full oxidation is higher than that of fe-cr alloy.

(4) No magnetic;

Except sulfur gas, it has better corrosion resistance.

Nickel-chromium wire and ferrochrome aluminum wire are called electrothermal wire because they are both electrothermal resistance alloys and are used as heating elements, or heating elements. Also known as resistance wire because it is often used as a resistance element.

Nickel-chromium wire has high resistivity, good surface oxidation resistance, high temperature level, and has high strength at high temperature, good processing performance and weldability, can be widely used in metallurgy, household appliances, machinery manufacturing and other heating elements and electrical industry as resistance materials. Long service life, but because contain nickel, so the price is higher.

Nickel Chromium Wire

The practical application of Nickel Chromium Wire

USES are electric furnace, electric iron, electric iron, electric heat pipe and other heating elements.


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