Nickel Plate Strip

Nickel Plate Strip
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Product name: nickel plate strip

◆ Nickel plate strip characteristics: 

◆ excellent mechanical properties 

◆ corrosion resistance

◆ magnetic

◆ high heat transfer

◆ high electrical conductivity

◆ low gas volume

◆ low steam pressure 

◆ Good spot welding performance

◆ high tensile.

Specification of nickel plate strip: 

WT* W * L =(0.03-2)*(1.5-300)*(≥ 3000mm)

Photos for nickel plate strip

nickel plate strip

nickel plate strip 2

Nickel strip process: Our company adopted the international advanced technology, nickel plate with forged the process directly using high purity electrolytic nickel rolling manufacturing nickel plate with raw materials, to overcome the traditional manufacturing method take to reduce the nickel plate with purity, which could lead to an increase in nickel plate with internal resistance defects, but also overcome the existing manufacturing methods of high energy consumption, low production efficiency, equipment investment big defect, technology advancement and the advantages as follows, The high purity and low internal resistance of nickel plate and strip are guaranteed. This process directly adopts the raw material of nickel plate and strip with high purity which is degassing and the material structure is densified. The smelting, planing, pickling process and its equipment are eliminated

Application: mainly used in lithium battery, battery pole ear, metal stamping parts, electric car, nickel battery, telecommunication, electric vacuum, special bulb and other industries.

Standard: GB/ t2072-2007 American standard: ASTM B 162

Supply status: soft (M state) semi-hard (1/4h, 1/2h, 3/4h) hard (H state)

Available pure nickel product specification (MM) :

Nickel strip: 0.01mm-2.0mm 1.5mm-500mm

Nickel rod: Φ 3 - Φ 300; Length: 10mm-6m

Nickel plate: 2.0-50mm; Width of 1200 mm; Length is 6000 mm

Nickel wire: 0.01 Φ Φ 3 mm

Nickel Plate Strip: stamping and cutting can be carried out according to drawing parameters provided by customers (if mold opening is needed, customized mold is required)


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