Nickel-Titanium Memory Alloy Super Stretch Yarn

Nickel-Titanium Memory Alloy Super Stretch Yarn
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Ni-Ti alloy, also named nitinol wire, it is the mixture of titanium and nickel ,where the two elements aire present in equal atomic percentages Ni:Ti=55:45%wt.

It mainly have two properties: shape memory effect and superlasticity .of course,the shape memory is ability of niti wire to undergo deformation at one temperature,then recover its original,underformed shape upon heating above its "transformation temperature".But superlasticity occurs at a narrow temperature range ,just above its transformation temperature;in that case,no heating is necessary to cause the underformed shape to recover.

The main productes is NiTi alloy plate ,NiTi alloy wire 

Niti shape memory alloy - fine tube

Areas of application: medical, aviation, electronics, Marine industry, petrochemical industry, war industry, automobile, and other precision instrument components.

Nitinol is also popular in extremely resilient glasses frames. It is also used in some mechanical watch springs.

It can be used as a temperature control system; as it changes shape, it can activate a switch to control the temperature.

It is used in cell-phone technology as a retractable antenna, or microphone boom, due to its highly flexible and mechanical memory nature.

It is used in some novelty products,magicians to demonstrate "psychic" powers, as the spoon will bend itself when used to stir tea, coffee, or any other warm liquid.

It can also be used as wires which are used to locate and mark breast tumours so that the following surgery can be more exact.

Niti memory wire


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