Nickel Titanium Wire

Nickel Titanium Wire
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We are a professional manufacturer and distributor of Nickel Titanium Wire. The wire is in the unique class of shape memory alloys wire. It is made of Nitinol, which is an alloy with superelasticity and shape memory properties. The thermoelastic martensite transformation is the main reason for its special properties. It can automatically restore its plastic deformation to its original shape at a certain temperature. In addition, the superelasticity occurs in a narrow temperature range, just above its transition temperature.


Our Nickel Titanium Wire has the advantages of excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high damping and super elasticity. It is mainly used in many different industrial applications, such as aerospace, mechatronics, biomedicine, bridge construction, automobile industry and so on. The product is designed to comply with international standards and specifications, and undergo the highest level of quality control. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Basic information

OriginalBaoji, ChinaBrand CXMET
Shape of wirecoiled, stright, flatApplicationmedical implant
SizeOD=0.1mm-6.32mmoptical frame
Surfacewhite, blackglasses frame

Nickel Titanium also named Nitinol or NiTi . Nitinol alloys are typically made of 55%-56% Nickel and 44%-45% Titanium.

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Nickel Titanium Wire   (2)

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