Polished Pure Nickel Tube

Polished Pure Nickel Tube
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The wall thickness is 3±0.220±0.5

Diameter: 20 + / - 0.1200 + / - 0.2

Length: 100 + 0.52000 + 0.6

State: vacuum annealing, hard state, grinding (car) tube and rod

Supply standard :(gb2882-84 gb8011-87)

Delivery time: the company according to customer demand to determine

Minimum quantity: 2 pieces

Payment terms: L/C or T/T

Delivery time: according to customer demand to determine

Nickel is mainly used in electroplating industry. Nickel plated articles are beautiful, clean and not easy to rust. Extremely thin nickel powder, in the chemical industry used as catalyst, nickel and its alloy used for special purposes of spare parts, instrument manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, rocket technology and equipment, the atomic reaction stack, used in the production of alkaline battery, porous filters, catalyst, and the corrosion of components and semi-product plating, nickel is regarded as important strategic material for the construction of national economy, the effective development and comprehensive utilization of resources has been paid great attention by many countries.

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