High Performance Nickel Alloy Wire

High Performance Nickel Alloy Wire
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High Performance Nickel Alloy Wire is a kind of metal wire, with good mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and high heat resistance, suitable for making vacuum components, electronic instrument components, chemical production of strong alkali filter.

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Close to that of carbon steel, and its resistance to alkaline corrosion is second only to that of silver among metal materials. Make it very resistant to corrosion. Be used at electric illuminant material more, coating film, have surface quality high, machining performance is good, be used at making the job to wait like anode, spacer, electrode bracket, also can be made in bulb guide wire lead, had very important effect in chlor-alkali industry additionally. Electrical grade materials have a variety of components due to the use of different conditions of alloy. Moreover, the electrode materials are required to have a low resistivity so as not to cause overheating of the electrode, a high temperature strength to reduce material wear, and a more viscous melting volatilization under the action of arc to improve the service life and other properties.


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