Niobium Plate

Niobium Plate
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CXMET is one of the best China niobium manufacturers and suppliers, and we are also a professional company with productive and effective factory. Welcome to wholesale products from us, we have niobium bar, niobium rod, niobium sheet, niobium wire, niobium tube, niobium disk in stock for you.

Niobium is extremely corrosion resistant in demanding applications. One of the common uses for niobium is overhead condensers and related heat/recovery sections of nitric acid facilities. Its advantages include exceptional durability, excellent heat transfer properties, years of performance without lost production and eliminating the added expense of back-up equipment.

Niobium bar,niobium sheet,niobium wire,niobium tube Specification


Pure Nb 99.95% min, Nb-1% Zr


niobium products

Nb sheet,foil,strip ( ASTM B393 RO42100 or RO4200):

Size: d(0.03~0.2)×=300×Ld(0.2~30)×=60   0×L  

Nb sputtering target ( ASTM B393 RO4210 or RO4200): 

Size: d(0.03~0.2)×=300×Ld(0.2~30)×=600×L

Nb rod and wire ( ASTM B392 RO4210 or RO4200):

Size: f(0.5~5.0)×L 

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Niobium Appliaction :

niobium bar,Niobium Plate,niobium wire,niobium tube is one of the important rare metallic elements with a high melting point,good corrosion resistance and excellent superconducting property.niobium bar,niobium sheet,niobium wire,niobium tube is widely used in the manufacturing of all kinds if alloy steel,niobium bar,niobium sheet,niobium wire,niobium tube also used by heat-resistantant alooys,optical glass,cutting tools,electronic components and superconducting materials.



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