Non-standard Hexagon Socket Tapered Head Cap Screw

Non-standard Hexagon Socket Tapered Head Cap Screw
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Basic Info  of Non-standard Hexagon Socket Tapered Head Cap Screw


  CXMET have our own factory and the material for titanium fasteners are all prepared by our own workshop. 

  Titanium sponge bought from the National Company them melting into the titanium ingot, after many times forging and rolling to be titanium bars. The bars cut into pieces to process any kind of titanium bolt, titanium scrw, titanium nut and titanium washers. 


  Titanium screw could be customized as your standard, sample or drawing. 

  Some common standard are all stocked, like DIN933, DIN934, DIN912, DIN 6926, ISO5832, etc. Mainly size are between M3 to M20.

DIN 912 drawing.png

DIN912 taper drawing.png

DIN912 titanium bolt.png

All the titanium fasteners could be customized and process as colorful supplied 

Photos for Non-standard Hexagon Socket Tapered Head Cap Screw

DIN 933 titanium bolt stock  (2)

DIN 933 hexagonal head titanium bolts stocked

titanium bolt with flange head  (2)

Grade 5 Titanium bolts with flange head

gold and black titanium bolts

Customized coloured titanium bolts

  Titanium fasteners include titanium bolt, titanium screw, titanium nut, titanium washer, etc. Lots of common size of bolts, nuts and wahsers are all in stock. 

  Welcome your any kinds of orders. You could buy from our stock or customized any kinds of you need. 


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