Polished Nickel Plate

Polished Nickel Plate
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Product name:Polished Nickel Plate

Brand N4/Ni200 N6 / Ni201

The thickness of nickel plate is 0.3-30mm* width 1150mm * length is less than or equal to 500-3000mm

Nickel plate standard: GB/ T 2054-2005 ASTM B127 ASTMB162

Nickel and nickel alloy plate are collectively referred to as nickel plate. The thickness of hot-rolled nickel plate is 5-20mm, the width 200-1000mm, the thickness of cold-rolled nickel plate is 0.5-10mm, the width is 100-1000mm, and the length is 800-1500mm. They are mainly used in instrument telecommunication and other industrial sectors. Anodic nickel plate thickness 4-20mm, width 100-300mm, length 400-2000mm, mainly used in electroplating industry.

Alkali industry, alkali chemical and organic  compounds production. Food processing industry. High temperature halogen and salt corrosion environment. Electronic instrument parts. Water treatment. Various strong alkali resistance equipment.

Excellent corrosion of heat resistant strong alkali solution. It has excellent corrosion resistance to alkaline and neutral solution of carbonate, oxide and acetate. Resistance to fatty acid corrosion.

ASTM B162 nickel sheet  (1)

Ni0221 nickel plate

polished Ni200 nickel plate  (3)

  CXMET supply the Polished Nickel Plate and nickel alloy plate.


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