Water Treatment Titanium Anode Plate

Water Treatment Titanium Anode Plate
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Introduction of Water Treatment Titanium Anode Plate

CXMET have a serious of equipment to process titanium anode products. Titanium anode products could be supplied as three kinds of. 

water treatment applictaion 

titanium electrode for electroplating 

hydrometallurgical application 

One kinds of mainly application -- water treatment


Power plant cooling water pollution prevention, large ship ballast water treatment; 

Small sodium hypochlorite generator;

Domestic sewage treatment, etc

 DimensionAccording to customers' drawing
Feature Life Span 

Current density ≤ 1000-1500A/M2,

Life time reach 5 years 

Chlorine evolution potential ≤1.12V(test condition reference HG/T2471-2001)

≤40mV(test condition reference HG/T2471-2001)

Substrate Material pure titanium StandardASTM B265 Gr1
Coating Mixted ruthenium oxide and iridium oxide 

Photos for Water Treatment Titanium Anode Plate

titanium anode plate  (1).jpg

titanium anode plate (2).jpg

  Above Photos are Water Treatment Titanium Anode Plate treat ment. CXMET could process many other kinds of titanium anode plate, titanium anode mesh, titanium anode basket, platinized titanium anode, titanium anode ribbon, titanium anode tube, titanium anode wire, etc. 

  If you have any kinds of inquiry about titanium anode products, email me please.


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