Pure Nickel Welding Rod

Pure Nickel Welding Rod
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Pure Nickel Welding Rod

Model GB/T: ezni-1 equivalent to AWS: ezni-ci

Description: pure nickel core, strong reduction of graphitization of cast iron electrode, when welding, welding parts can not preheat, with good crack resistance and processing performance, alternating and direct current dual-use, good process performance. High toughness, high wear resistance, impact rinse wear, etc. Good weldability. Resistant to wear and tear of rock sand, prolong service life of equipment 4-8 times.

Application: used for repairing welding of cast iron thin parts and machining surface, such as cylinder head, engine seat, gear box, machine tool guide and other important grey cast iron parts. Nickel price is expensive, should be other electrode can not meet the requirements of the choice.

Deposited metal chemical composition /%

C≤2 Si≤2.5 Mn≤1 Fe≤8 Ni≥90

Z408 cast iron electrode

Model GB/T: eznife-1 equivalent to AWS: enife-ci

Description: the ni-fe alloy core, the graphite electrode with strong reducing property, has the characteristics of high strength, good plasticity and low linear expansion coefficient. The crack resistance of gray cast iron is similar to that of Z308, but that of nodular cast iron is higher than that of Z30

8 strong, high phosphorus content (0.2%P) cast iron also has a good effect. The cutting property is slightly worse than Z308 and Z508. It is used for welding gray cast iron and nodular cast iron at room temperature or slightly preheated (to about 200℃).

Application: used for welding important high strength grey cast iron and nodular cast iron, such as cylinder, engine, seat gear, etc.

Pure Nickel Welding Rod chemical composition /%

C≤2 Si≤2.5 Mn≤1.8 Fe residual Ni 45-60


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