Pure Tungsten Bar

Pure Tungsten Bar
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Tungsten - pure Tungsten bar, pure Tungsten plate, Tungsten needle, RWMA Class 13,100W, Tungsten has high melting point, high temperature strength and creep resistance, as well as thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and electron emission performance, than major, low expansion coefficient and the lowest metal vapor pressure. Powder metallurgy is generally used to prepare.

Namepure Tungsten barContent>99.95%
Density19.3g/cm3Melting point3422°C


Pure tungsten bar has special properties, such as low thermal expansion and good thermal conductivity, sufficient resistance to electrical resistance, high modulus of elasticity. Therefore, tungsten rod is widely used in various fields. Such as support line, lead line, printer needle, various electrodes and quartz furnace, filament, high-speed tools, auto products, sputtering target


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