Pure Tungsten Wire

Pure Tungsten Wire
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The main USES of Pure Tungsten Wire

Tungsten wire is mainly used for electric lamp wire. As a material with superior performance, pure tungsten filament has the characteristics of high melting point, high specific gravity, low vapor pressure, low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity. In addition, pure tungsten filament has full resistivity and high elastic coefficient.

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99.95% alkaline tungsten rod  (5)

99.95% tungsten  twisted wire for costing  (9)
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My factory produces Pure Tungsten Wire mainly divides into two kinds:

1: black tungsten wire: tungsten wire after the initial state of del, the surface is still residual lubricant, oxide.

2: scheelite wire: after hydrogen annealing or electrochemical treatment, no residual lubricant and oxide on the surface.


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