Slip-On Flange

Slip-On Flange
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Slip-On Flange to use flanges, steel rings, etc. to cover the flange on the end of the pipe, 

the flange can be active on the end of the pipe. The steel ring or flanging is the sealing 

surface, and the function of the flange is to hold them tight.

Thus it can be seen that because of the steel ring or flanging block, slip-on flange does 

not contact with the medium.

slip-on flange is suitable for steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal and stainless 

acid resistant steel container connection and corrosion resistant pipeline.

Sliding flange is a movable flange piece, which is generally matched on the water supply 

and drainage fittings (the most common on the expansion joint). When the manufacturer

leaves the factory, both ends of the expansion joint have a flange, which is directly 

connected with the bolts of pipelines and equipment in the project.

It's the Slip-On Flange with the slip sleeve.

Generally used in pipes, in which case the bolts can be loosened by rotating both sides of the pipe and tightening. It can be more convenient to disassemble and install pipes.

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Slip-On Flange

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