T40 Titanium Rings

T40 Titanium Rings
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Product Details

Product name: T40 titanium ring, titanium alloy ring

Standards: ASTM B265, ASTM B381, AMS 4928, AMS4911, etc.

Brand name: TA1 (GR1), TA2(GR2),TA3(GR3),TA7(GR6),TA9(GR7),TA10(GR12),TA18(GR9), TC4 (GR5), TC4EL(GR23).

Specification: [rolling], 100---500mm

State: annealing state (M) thermal working state (R) (annealing, supergenerated wave flaw detection)

Surface: lathe smooth surface, polished surface

Material advantages

  • low density 

  • Higher than strength

  • Good corrosion resistance on acid, alkali, salt, seawater 

  • Excellent mechanical performance.

USAGES of T40 Titanium Rings: used in petroleum equipment, chemical equipment, sports equipment, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, tools.

cp titanium ring OD385XID245XH432mm (2)

cp titanium ring OD385XID245XH432mm (3)

Grade 1 titanium ring packing  (2)

Processing Flaw: Melting -- forging -- cut into blank -- forging  -- lathe -- polish. 

Certificate: MTC from CXMET, test report from the third party testing lab, etc. 


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