T40 Titanium Sheet

T40 Titanium Sheet
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T40 titanium sheet basic information:

According to the different impurity content of industrial pure titanium, the gap impurity element of industrial pure titanium increases gradually, so its mechanical strength and hardness also increase step by step, but the plasticity and toughness decrease accordingly.

T-40 in the iron content of 0.095%, oxygen content of 0.08%, hydrogen content of 0.0009%, nitrogen content of 0.0062%, has a good low temperature toughness and high low temperature strength, can be used as -253℃ below the low temperature structure material.

T40 titanium alloy chemical composition:

Titanium (Ti) allowance

Iron (Fe) of 0.30 or less

Carbon (C) 0.10 or less,

Nitrogen (N) 0.05 or less,

Hydrogen (H) of 0.01 or less

Oxygen (O) of 0.25 or less


T40 titanium sheet features:

1: small density (4.51), light.

2: excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance.

3: high tensile strength (up to 140 kg/m2). Its specific strength is almost the strongest among metal materials in the range of -235-600 ° c

4: non-magnetic.

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