Tantalum Crucible

Tantalum Crucible
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Tantalum crucible 


 Basic info

  The tantalum with moderate hardness, full of malleability, can be drawn into thin wire foil. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small. 

  Tantalum has excellent chemical properties and high corrosion resistance. No reaction is made to hydrochloric acid, conxentrated nitric acid and aqua regia under cold and hot conditions. Can be used to make evapotator, also can be used for electron tube electrode, rectifier, electrolytic capacitor. Used medically to make thin sheets or thin threads to repair damaged tissue. Although tantalum is highly corrosion resistant. Its corrosion resistance is due to the formation of a stable surface tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5) protective film.

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 Tantalum crucible could be customized as your demands. 

 Tantalum crucible could be machined as drawing and welded as your size demands. 

  Welcome your consult and order tantalum crucible.


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