Tantalum Block

Tantalum Block
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Tantalum is a kind of light gray metal with a little blue color. Because of its many strange properties, it has a wide range of applications. Therefore, tantalum is known as the "metal kingdom" generalist.

Feature for Tantalum Block

Tantalum is very hard

Tantalum is malleable

Tantalum is tough

Tantalum has excellent chemical properties 

Tantalum with high corrosion resistance

Application for tantalum 

Tantalum can be used as an alternative to stainless steel

In the chemical, electronic, electrical and other industries, tantalum can replace the platinum 

Tantalum is an important element in refining steel

Tantalum and tungsten alloys are widely used in the electrical industry

Tantalum can be made into turning tools, drills, etc., instead of diamond

Tantalum can be used in human implants

Products for Tantalum Block

tantalum crucible  (3)

tantalum target  (1)

Tantalum Alloy Bar (2)

tantalum tube


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