Ti6AL4V Eli Titanium Metal Hemispheres

Ti6AL4V Eli Titanium Metal Hemispheres
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  Baoji Chuangxin Metal Materials Co., ltd & Shaanxi CXMET Technology Co., Ltd. These two companies are two branch of CXMET. 

  CXMET have our own factory and lots of customized products were design as customers demands. 

Titanium hemisphere were designed and exported as customers' demands. 

Basic Info 

 Ti6AL4V Eli Titanium Metal Hemispheres could be processed as following 

  Grade: Gr1, Gr2, Gr5, Gr9, Gr23, etc. 

  Processing method: rolled, punched as mould

  Application: valve, space probe

Photos of hemispheres 

GR23 titanium hemisphere (3).jpg

titanium hemisphere (5).jpg

Reference description 

 The Ti6AL4V Eli Titanium Metal Hemispheres shell stamping forming mould and forming process of manned submersible were designed by computer simulation techniques based on forming process of steel hemisphere shell, then the mould and forming process parameters were verified and optimization through the tests by steel and pure titanium slabs,TC4 ELI titanium alloy hemisphere shell of bathyscaph was successfully produced by stamping forming process. The tested results indicate that the dimension and mechanical properties of hemisphere shell produced by overall stamping forming can meet the design indicators of the 4 500 m manned bathyscaph and can be used for manufacturing the hemisphere shell of manned bathyscaph.


  CXMET could process any kinds of titanium hemispheres, titanium halfsphere and titanium semisphere.

Welcome any of titanium and titanium alloy hemispheres' inquiries. 

  Email sunny@cxmet.com to ask more details. 


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