Titanium Anode For Swimming Pool

Titanium Anode For Swimming Pool
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Titanium Anode And Cathode For Swimming Pool Filtration Equipment

we can supply titanium anode,platinized titanium anode,titanium electrode,anodized titanium,mmo anode.

From design to processing ,we can supply professional production of each productes.

General Description:

Titanium anode 


Shape of Substrate


Substrate Material

Titanium GR1,according to the ASTM


1.5×660×1020mm is popular,or as ur demand

Coating Details

1)Tantalum and Iridium mixed coating, IrO2-Ta2O5

2)Contents of the noble material 8 g/m2-25 g/m2

Application Environment

1)Density of Current <3000 Am/M2

2) Electrolyte: CuSO4 or CuCl2

3) Impurity: Chlorine or Fluroine allowed, but not too high concentration

4)Temperature < 60°C

5)PH value 1-12


12~18 months

Product Features

1)Stability dimension

2)Lower electricity consumption.

3)High catalytic

4)Effectively production efficiency

5)Strong corrosion resistance,long working life

Production time

15-20 days.Tubular titanium anodes and sample anodes for experiment are in store

Related titanium anode:

All our product must be through serious inspection in our factory.you can trust our quanlity or set a small trail order. 

Titanium Anode And Cathode For Swimming Pool Filtration Equipment Quality Inspection Report which mainly includes the following items:

(1) Combine between coating and matrix

(2) Appearance and Geometry

(3) Coating's Weightless

(4) Coating's surface Resistivity 

(5) Coating's Thickness

(6) Strength the Working life

(7) Coating's polarizability and oxygen evolution.


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