Titanium Anode For Electrodialysis

Titanium Anode For Electrodialysis
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  CXMET (Baoji Chuangxin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. & Shaanxi CXMET Technology Co.,Ltd.) had processed and customzied titanium anode for chlorine dioxide  products many years. 

  CXMET is titanium anode for chlorine dioxide factory and we have lots of titanium anode stock. For many years, wholesale titanium anode for chlorine dioxide as the drawing, OEM as the drawings, photos or samples. 

  One of mainly titanium anode appliation is for water treatment. Which include three depatment. 

1. Titanium anode for chlorine dioxide by electrolysis

2. Titanium anode for electrodialysis

3. Titanium anode for removing calcium and magnesium from industrial wastewater

Titanium anode for  electrodialysis

Substrate material: Pure titanium plate, pure titanium mesh 

Standard: ASTM B265

Coating: Oxygen evolution, Chlorine evolution caoting 

Application: Industrial feedwater treatment, material concentration, purification, separation and other physical and chemical processes, waste water, waste liquid treatment and recovery of precious metals etc.

Dimension: According to customers’ drawings, mainly as titanium plate or titanium mesh

Photos for titanium anode mesh

titanium anode mesh (1)

  CXMET -- Titanium Anode For Electrodialysis supplier welcome your any kinds of inquiries. CXMET as a professional titanium anode manufacturers could supply the design, semi-products and finished products as user's requirments.


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