Titanium Anode For Water Treatment

Titanium Anode For Water Treatment
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Basic info 

  China titanium anode for water treatment is one of mainly titanium anode application.  The large quantity of MMO titanium mesh for titanium anode water treatment stock in my factory. 


Titanium Anodes, Titanium Electrodes, Titanium Cathodes, Titanium Anode Plate, Titanium Electrode Mesh,  titanium anode and titanium electrode (including ruthenium-series titanium anode/titanium electrode, iridium-series titanium anode/titanium electrode, platinum-series titanium anode/titanium electrode, etc. ), and owns processing and sales line of titanium plate, titanium bar, titanium pipe, titanium standard piece, titanium composite material and other non-ferrous metal products. The product is widely applied in chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, textile, medicine, light industry, environmental protection, sports, mine, ocean and other fields. 


  Titanium anode for water treatment application, oxgen evoution, chlorine evolution. 

MMO Cathodic Protection

Common size for titanium coated mesh 0.635*6.35*152meter 

Common size for Conductive band 0.9*127*152meter 

Photos for Titanium Anode Mesh 

Pt coated titanium mesh  (2).jpg

titanium cathodic protection (4).jpg

titanium anode mesh (5).jpg

More details for titanium anode and titanium cathodic protection 

Q: What's the coated material?

A: Ir, Ru, Ir+Ru, Ir+Ta, Pt, Pb, etc.

Q: What's the application for titanium anode?

A: Titanium cathodic protection, water treatment, electro-plating, hydrometallurgy, etc.

Q: What's the appliation for titanium anode for water treatment?

A: Lower COD, dislodge Ca ion and Mg ion, etc.


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