Titanium Anode On Hydrometallurgical Applications

Titanium Anode On Hydrometallurgical Applications
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Titanium anode on hydrometallurgical applications

  CXMET have our own factory of titanium anode products. Titanium anode on hydrometallurgical is one of four major application areas. The principle of the hydrometallurgical extraction of metals is a method of producing pure metal by reducing the metal ions in the electrolyte which are to be extracted and purified in the cathode.

Basic info for Titanium anode on hydrometallurgical 

1. Precious Metal-Coated Titanium Anode for copper electrodeposition


Sulfuric acid: 130-150g/L        


CL:<1 g/L         

Current density: >200A/㎡

Cu: 40-60 g/L                    

Fe ion content: <0.01 g/L              

Shape:  mesh/plate


2. Lead dioxide anode

Working parameters:

PH Value: <1-4

Coating thickness: 0.5-1mm

Current density:<1000A/m2

Electrolyte: CuSO4+ H2SO4 or NiSO4+ H2SO4

3Titanium anode for Vortex electrolytic 

Working parameters:

Current density: 1200-2500A/m2

Electrolyte Temperature: 50- 70°C 

Chlorine concentration: <5g/L

Ion concentration:  10-300 g/L.

  The titanium anode on hydrometallurgical applications, which ere pay mroe attention in CXMET. All the titanium anode on hydrometallurgical pricing after strict discussion and verifcation. China titanium anode on hydrometallurgical products are the new products in titanium field and the titanium anode on hydrometallurgical factory is less than the titanium particle manufacture, so the future is better than the titanium products. But there is also a long way to mattch with many others different design on different countries.  

  More details welcome your email to discuss.


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