Titanium Anode For Water Treatment Application

Titanium Anode For Water Treatment Application
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  Baoji Chuangxin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and do international trading from 2008. As business capacity improves, the amount of export increased rapidly and only one company can't meet our demands. Then our new company -- Shaanxi CXMET Technology Co., Ltd. established from 2016, which company mainly do the international trading. 

  These two companies are all servicer for CXMET's clients. 

Basic information 

  My factory have large quantity of titanium ingot to process and kinds of titanium products as customers' demands. OurTitanium Anode For Water Treatment Application and titanium cathodic protection products processed for different fields.

  China titanium anode for water treatment suppliers always coated as Ru+Ir alloy, and they were brushed and sintered. Titanium anode for water treatment products mainly used as sodium hypochlorite generator. They were always used for pool disinfection. The shipping building company make titanium anode for water treatment stock and wholesale titanium anode for water treatment products.



Power plant cooling water pollution prevention, large ship ballast water treatment; Small sodium hypochlorite generator; Domestic sewage treatment, etc

Dimension: According to customers’ drawings


Life Span: Current density≤1000-1500A /M2,Life time reach 5 years.

Chlorine evolution potential: ≤1.12V (Test Condition Reference HG/T2471-2001)

polarizability: ≤40mV(Test Condition Reference HG/T2471-2001)

 Substrate Material: Pure Titanium    Standard:ASTMB265  GR1

Coating: Mixed Ruthenium oxide and Iridium oxide.


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