Titanium Concentric Eccentric Reducer

Titanium Concentric Eccentric Reducer
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Titanium Concentric Eccentric Reducer include titanium concentric reducer, titanium eccentric reducer.

Products description 

  Titanium fittings are mainly used for the material flow(acid, alkali, salt corrosion medium liquid) between equipments in the chemical plant, to connect the titanium equipment pipes. There are two kinds of manufacturing process of titanium fittings. The DN140 above titanium fittings are mainly prduced by extrusion forming and welding technology of titanium sheet, under DN140 titanium fittings mainly produced with the seamless tube extrusion molding process. In addtion to the standard szie of the titanium fittings, we also produce non-standard titanium fittings according to customer drawings.

  Our high precision mould guaranteed the precision of extrusion process, and our workers are holding welding certificates of pressure vessel which guarantees the quality of welding kept a high level.

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  Widely used in the chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, light industrial, power generation, water desalination, medical apparatus and instruments, alkali, salt, eletroplating, coking, chemical fertilizer, Titanium Concentric Eccentric Reducer,etc.


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