Titanium Cup And Tube Particle

Titanium Cup And Tube Particle
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  Titanium Cup And Tube Particles booked and exported large quantity every month. Processing as drawing is one of 

advantage in CXMET. 

  In CXMET there are special engineer to teach the workers how to process and testing. These kinds of 

titanium particles processed as titanium tube, titanium plate and our own technology. 

titanium particle  (3)

cp titanium particle

   Large quantity of titanium plate and titanium tube stocked. These stocks make lots of advantage on 

these kinds of particles, with good quality, short lead time and competitive cost. All the particles could be customized by drawing or sample. If for sample, CXMET will show you drawing and your confirmation will be recongnized by both of us before processing.

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  We also produce titanium as rodingotwireforgings(target, block, disc, ring, flange, etc). Other shapes are stocked, like tube, plate and fastener,Titanium Cup And Tube Particles.

  Welcome your inquiries and orders.


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