Titanium Electrode For Electroplating

Titanium Electrode For Electroplating
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Titanium electrode for electroplating

   Titanium electrode for electroplating is play a very important role in the titanium anode products fields. CXMET always wholesale titanium electrode for electroplating, they could be supplied as titanium sheet and titanium mesh type. Lots of titanium electrode for electroplating stocked, so this kinds of products could be supplied as a shorter time. 

Basic Info

  1. Steel with galvanized/ Tin anode

   Electro-Galvanized plate: Galvanized sheet has good corrosion resistance, processing, weldability and painting ability, mainly used in automobile, household appliances, light industry and other industries etc。

Electro-Tin plate: Electroplated tin plate is mainly used in packaging industry. It has excellent corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, high strength, light quality and good formability

  2. General Metal Electroplate

   Application: Copper nickel plating; Decorative plating (trivalent chromium plating, jewelry, glasses, household hardware plating) different application areas of hanging plating, rolling plating technology; Electrocasting (dental products, contact bushing, contact needles, etc.); Hard chromium plating, special plating, electrophoretic coating, tin, copper plating, etc.

  3. Platinum plating titanium anode

Application: Seawater, potassium cyanide + citric acid, horizontal plating, pulse plating, cathodic protection, acid and alkaline.

Features: The platinum layer is firmly combined with the titanium base. It has stable performance, high current and low voltage. It is used for precious metals.

Condition: Current density<8000A/m2

Coating:  platinum

Temperature: <80℃

coating thickness: 0.2-15μm

  Titanium electrode for electroplating pricing as the cost of titanium sponge, the technique of processing and the cost for costing material. 

  Welcome any of consult of titanium anode products. sunny@cxmet.com will give you more professional reply. 


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