Titanium Flanges And Fittings

Titanium Flanges And Fittings
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◆Brand of Titanium Flanges And Fittings:TA1=GR1 TA2=GR2 TA3=GR3 TA4=GR4 (industrial pure titanium)

TA7= (GR6 titanium) - (5AL aluminum) - (2.5Sn tin)

TC4= (GR5 titanium) - (6AL aluminum) - (4V vanadium)

TA9= (GR7 titanium) - (0.2Pd palladium)

TC4=GR9= (TA18 titanium) - (3AL aluminum) - (2.5v vanadium)

TA8= (GR16 titanium) - (0.05pd palladium)

TA10= (GR12 titanium) - (0.3Mo Mo Mo) - (0.8Ni Ni Ni)

◆ Standards: national standard -HG20592, American standard -ANSI B16.5, Japanese standard - JISB2220, German standard - din2627-2628, British standard BS, Russian standard

◆ state: cold working state (Y)/annealing state (M) specification: dn10-3000

◆ advantages of titanium: good corrosion resistance, low density, high strength

◆ American standard pressure == national standard pressure; CLASS 150 lb = = = = (pn0.6 pn1.0, pn2.0, pn1.6) 300 lb CLASS = = = = (pn2.5 pn4.0, pn5.0)

CLASS 600LB=== (pn10.0) CLASS 900LB=== (pn15.0)

CLASS 1500LB=== (pn25.0)

◆ Production process of Titanium Flanges And Fittings: forging

◆ use: flange belongs to a connector, used for pipeline, valve, equipment, petrochemical equipment:

1, flat welding flange, neck butt welding flange, the whole flange use valve matching.

2, neck welding, socket welding flange used in petrochemical plants.

3, threaded flange is commonly used in engineering construction, easy to install without welding.

4, loose cover flange, flange cover for corrosive pipeline system. (flange cover shall be used as pipe end or head)

Titanium Flanges And Fittings is the use of non-ferrous metal titanium or titanium alloy production of a pipe and pipe connected to the parts, connected to the end of the pipe.

Titanium flange has holes, bolts to make the two flanges tight. Gasket between flanges. Flanged fittings, means fittings with flanges (flanges or receptacles).

It can be cast (the figure is missing), or it can be threaded or welded. The flange joint is composed of a pair of flanges, a gasket and some bolts and nuts. The gasket is placed between the sealing surface of the two flanges. After tightening the nut, the specific pressure on the surface of the gasket will be deformed when it reaches a certain value, and fill the uneven place on the sealing surface to make the connection tight without leakage.


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