Titanium Flat Bar And Titanium Square Forging

Titanium Flat Bar And Titanium Square Forging
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We specialize in manufacturing and developing high-performance, custom designed and cost effective Titanium Flat Bar And Titanium Square Forging. It is made of titanium, which is a very light, smooth and durable metal widely used in manufacturing. Titanium bar is also used as titanium fasteners, such as titanium bolts nuts. The comprehensive properties of the products supplied by our company have reached the international advanced level. We can produce our products to your precise dimensions. 


The product has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high stability, long life and high temperature resistance. Titanium Flat Bar And Titanium Square Forging is widely used in aeroengine and parts, equipment parts (reactor, pipeline, heat exchanger and valve, etc.), marine hydraulic device, bridge, sports goods and daily consumer goods. We will tailor your products according to your size requirements, which means we are a one-stop shop for titanium raw materials. 

Titanium Flat Bar And Titanium Square Forging in CXMET could be customized as following details

  • Material: Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, Gr5, Gr7, Gr9, Gr12, Gr23, and other alloys

  • Shape: round, flat, hexangular,octagonal

titanium rod  (5).jpgtitanium flat bar  (3).jpgtitanium hexagonus rod.jpg

titanium rod

titanium flat bar / rod

titanium hexagonal rod

  • Common size had been processed:

  1. Titanium round bar: Dia3~Dia200*Lmm

  2. Titanium square bar: 6.35*6.35*Lmm, 6.35*12.7*Lmm, 9.5*9.5*Lmm, 12.7*12.7*Lmm, 12.7*25.4*Lmm, 19.05*19.05*Lmm, 25.4*25.4*Lmm

  3. Titanium hexagonal bar: H7~H17*<L2500mm, >H17*L<500mm

  • Processing Mode: Colded rolling, milling, forging, turning, grinding, etc

  • Surface:Polished, Bright, Sand-blasted, etc

  • Certificate: MTC of my factory, the testing from the third party

    Package: ply wooden case for mainly, plastic box, carton box

    titanium flat bar  (1)

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