Titanium alloy Block

Titanium alloy Block
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Titanium Metal Block is the earliest and most widely used titanium alloy in the world. 

The usage for titanium metal block over 80% in the aerospace industry. 

Titanium metal block with excellent superplasticity.

Titanium suitable for forming by various pressure processing methods 

 Titanium suitable for welding by various methods.

Titanium alloy Block is characterized by excellent comprehensive properties and good process characteristics. 

◆ Gr5 titanium alloy with good creep resistance and thermal stability, 

◆ Gr5 titanium alloy with high performance and fatigue crack growth resistance 

◆ Gr5 titanium alloy with seawater, and satisfaction of salt stress corrosion fracture toughness and thermal performance, 

◆ Gr5 titanium alloy sensitivity to hydrogen than TC2, TC1 alloy is small

◆ Gr5 titanium alloy is suitable for manufacturing from 196 ~ 450 ℃ wide working temperature range of the various parts. 

◆ Gr5 titanium alloy with  also has excellent process plasticity and superplasticity, 

◆ Gr5 titanium alloy is suitable for forming by various pressure processing methods, welding and mechanical processing.

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Titanium Metal Block is mainly semi-finished forms of bar, forging, sheet, plate, profile and wire, etc. It can also be used in casting (ZTC4). The alloy is mainly used under the condition of return of goods. It can also be strengthened to a certain extent by solid solution aging treatment. However, the quenching interface is generally no more than 25~30mm. As a multi-purpose material, TC4 titanium alloy has been widely promoted and applied in aerospace industry and civil industry. The output of semi-finished ti-6 al-4v alloy in the world accounts for more than half of the total output of semi-finished titanium alloy and over 80% in the aerospace industry. Therefore, TC4 titanium alloy has the most sufficient research work, microstructure analysis, production and use experience. When discussing technology of titanium alloy often TC4 titanium alloy as the typical representative of, for example, specific strength, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, good low temperature resistance, etc., at present, the technical requirements for different use conditions, countries have appeared many Ti 6 AL 4 V modification of titanium alloy, its main difference is the different element AL, V content and lower clearance impurity content.


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