Titanium Pipe Fittings Grade 2

Titanium Pipe Fittings Grade 2
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Comparison of production technology of Titanium Pipe Fittings Grade 2

China began in the 70 s in the civilian industry used in the chemical industry system of titanium, titanium as a corrosion resistant structure materials for use in the chemical plant, has established the status, and as the ideal material in chemical pipe for the transmission of corrosive media, the life of the pipeline depends on pipe fittings, titanium pipe about getting the attention of the engineering and technical personnel, especially the standardization of titanium tube fitting is more important.

Working condition of titanium pipe fittings

First of all, we analysis the work situation of titanium pipes, titanium pipe main conveying is corrosive medium serious danger, when with corrosive medium medium through titanium pipe fittings, medium with certain pressure, and various pipe fittings each part of the bearing pressure, in the most commonly used three kinds of pipe fittings (elbow, tee, reducer) to analysis.

Photos of titanium pipe fittings

titanium tube fitting of Chinatitanium tube fitting

Elbow: elbow is one of the important Titanium Pipe Fittings Grade 2 of various piping systems. It is not only used to change the direction of medium flow, but also to improve the flexibility of piping. When the medium passes through the elbow, the medium with pressure goes straight to the back of the elbow, and the medium flows along the back to the outlet. Thus, the back of the elbow is subject to greater pressure and serious erosion corrosion, indicating that the back bears more load than any other part.

Tee: the working condition of tee is similar to the elbow of the cylinder, and the intersection of the branch road and the straight road through the tee is concentrated. At this time, the bearing pressure and erosion corrosion are greater than other parts. Branch pipeline pressure relief flow state of the main pipeline.

Reducing pipe: the working condition of reducing pipe. When the medium passes through the reducing pipe, the medium usually flows from the big end to the small end. Due to the gradual reduction of the section area, the cone of the reducing pipe is pressurized.

The above analysis shows that the titanium pipe fitting is an extremely important part of the titanium pipe, which directly affects the life of the titanium pipe.


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