Titanium Pool Heat Exchanger

Titanium Pool Heat Exchanger
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Titanium Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

Material: titanium, nickel, zirconium

Feature of titanium heat exchanger 

◆Excellent corrosion resistance in many media

◆Smooth surface, no dirt layer

◆Low density, high strength, and therefore light weight

◆Top 10 properties of titanium

◆Low density, higher than intensity

◆The density of Ti is 4.51g/cm3, higher than Al and lower than SS, Cu and N,etc

◆Corrosion resistance

Photos for titanium heat exchanger 

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titanium-pool-heat-exchanger (3)

Titanium coil: welded and rounded by titanium seamless tube, the titanium tube wall thickness is uniform, the inner wall is smooth, bright, beautiful and not easy to stick materials, and there are fewer welding points, reducing the corrosion caused by better than the weld.The column of the coil adopts L-shaped or T-shaped column, which enhances the stability of the coil and reduces the loosening and falling off caused by the shaking in the working environment.In addition, titanium coil can be widely used in organic compounds, alkali solution, salt solution and other media, and not easy to react with it, excellent corrosion resistance;Titanium coil has good corrosion resistance to inorganic acids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and nitric acid at room temperature.Titanium coil has good corrosion resistance to formic acid, oxalic acid, lactic acid and other organic acids at room temperature


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