Titanium Ring Gear Bolts

Titanium Ring Gear Bolts
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Parameter details:

Typeα+βTitanium alloyBrandTC4/Ti-6Al-4V
Origin  BaojiContent of titanium89.6%
Particle size100 meshSpecificationDraw/customize
Executive standardGB/T ASTM ISOTextureTC4

Advantage of titanium Ring Gear Bolts:

1. Titanium Ring Gear Bolts is higher than strength (tensile strength/density), tensile strength up to 100~140kgf/mm2, and the density is only 60% of steel.

2. Medium temperature strength is good, the operating temperature is several hundred degrees higher than aluminum alloy, and it can still insist on the required strength at medium temperature, which can be operated for a long time at the temperature of 450~500℃.

3. Good corrosion resistance, titanium surface in the atmosphere immediately formed a layer of uniform and fine oxide film, has the ability to resist the corrosion of a variety of media. Generally, titanium has excellent corrosion resistance in oxidizing and neutral media, and has better corrosion resistance in seawater and chloride solution. However, in reducing media, such as hydrochloric acid and other solutions, titanium corrosion resistance is poor.

4. Titanium Ring Gear Bolts has good low-temperature function, and titanium alloy with extremely low void elements, such as TA7, can still maintain a certain plasticity at -253℃.

5. Titanium Ring Gear Bolts has low elastic modulus, low thermal conductivity and no ferromagnetism.

6. High hardness of titanium alloy screws.

7. Poor stamping performance and excellent thermoplasticity.

Titanium Ring Gear Bolts heat treatment titanium alloy screw after adjusting the heat treatment process can obtain different phase composition and arrangement. It is generally believed that fine equiaxed arrangement has better plasticity, thermal stability and fatigue strength. The needle-like arrangement has high durability, creep strength and fracture toughness. The equal-axis and needle-like mixed arrangement has better induction function.

Common heat treatment methods include annealing, solid solution and aging treatment. Annealing is to eliminate internal stress, improve plasticity and arrange stability, so as to obtain better induction function. Generally, the annealing temperature of alpha alloy and (alpha + beta) alloy is selected below the change point of (alpha + beta) -- → beta phase 120~200℃. Solid solution and aging treatment are carried out by rapid cooling in the high temperature zone to obtain martensite alpha 'phase and sub-stable beta phase, and then these sub-stable phases are differentiated in the medium temperature zone to obtain the second phase particles with fine dispersion such as alpha phase or compound, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the alloy. General (alpha + beta) alloy quenching in the alpha + beta) -- - > beta phase change point below 40 ~ 100 ℃, the safe beta alloy quenching in the alpha + beta) -- - > beta phase change point above 40 ~ 80 ℃. Aging treatment temperature is generally 450~550℃. In addition, in order to meet the special requirements of the workpiece, industrial selection of two-layer annealing, isothermal annealing, beta heat treatment, deformation heat treatment and other metal heat treatment process.

Titanium Ring Gear Bolts exposed in the air will be easy to rust, so titanium alloy screws need to do moisture-proof and moisture-proof work:

1, the choice of component insulation dipping paint, such as epoxy resin or polyurethane dipping paint. Choose coatings that do not contain volatile acids. Use solvent-free paint for vibrating machinery.

2, the use of titanium alloy screws alkyd paint, should adjust the curing temperature and curing time, curing temperature slightly higher than 130 degrees Celsius and curing time is more than 180 minutes is appropriate, need to strictly implement process, especially in hot and humid season, because the rusty rust point of view, the concept of conventional drying time sample paint factory, not rich, the car has a specific internal shape.

3, Titanium Ring Gear Bolts surface corrosion treatment refers to the use of various methods to play the maintenance of the metal surface, the role is the metal and corrosion environment isolation, to inhibit the corrosion process, reduce the contact between corrosive media and the metal surface, to prevent or slow down the purpose of corrosion.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of screw material technology:

1, screw material mechanical properties, strength requirements. Some screws need a relatively high strength, then choose the higher strength of the screw material itself.

2, working conditions of the material corrosion resistance performance requirements, a part of the standard network screws used in the above products with strong corrosion, which requires us to choose a strong spiral steel wire corrosion resistance.

3, the heat resistance of the material working temperature requirements. Some titanium alloy screws for high temperature operation, need to choose the screw material high temperature performance.

4. Performance requirements in the production process of material processing. Some titanium alloy screws in the production process need to deal with line, hardness and other difficulties, need to choose the appropriate screw material hardness, is conducive to processing and production.

5, the weight of the screw itself, price, procurement and other factors affecting the choice of screw material, due consideration of these areas of material is a better choice


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