Titanium Sputtering Coating Round Target

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Titanium Sputtering Coating Round Target

CXMET is the high quanlity supplier of sputtering target. When the company begain, CXMET was  involved in development and production of coating materials for tools,glass and decorative coatings PET  flakes,including Gold series,Silver series and color series,as raw materials of magnetron sputtering coating.

Sputtering Targets For all shapes and many materials

Are you looking for the perfect coating? Take advantage of our long-standing experiencand our extensive database of chemical compositions and production processes. Our team develops our sputtering targets and arc cathodes continually and improves the following material and coating properties:


planar  targets/Rotatable sputtering targets/Cathodic Arc Targets


Titanium Sputtering Coating Round Target;  Titanium target ; Tungsten  Target;molybdenum target; Zirconium  target ;  Tantalum  target;   Niobium target;    Chromium target ;Nickel target;Nickel-Chromium target.


titanium target 1

titanium target(1)

titanium round target

Titanium Sputtering Coating Round Target are  machined to within the tolerances of the customer's sputtering system.
 we have a full machine equipment with lathes, mills, and grinders in our factory.


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