2mm Titanium 6al-4v filler Wire mesh

2mm Titanium 6al-4v filler Wire mesh
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2mm Titanium 6al-4v filler Wire mesh for vaping jewelry

CXMET supplying a variety of titanium wires, titanium alloy wire products and titanium wire mesh.

The diameter size for titanium wire range between 0.1 – 4mm

Standard: ASTM B863,ASTM B348,AMS 4928 and other international Standard.

The diversity of our customers’ are matched by the requirements of buy titanium wires and physical forms.

CXMET with a full set of titanium wires production line, perfect quality assurance system.

Our titanium welding wire and titanium alloy wire are widely used by domestic and oversea professional users fabrication industry, surgical industry and aerospace.

CXMET also maintain a large titanium wire stock and are able to fulfill orders to shortened lead times.

We can reach to the tolerance h7 if you buy titanium wire, with the 10 years exporting experience about titanium mesh wire.

CXMET guarantee success and access toleading buying titanium wire products and top-quality services on the international stage at all times. Titanium wire mesh is our advantage.







2mm Titanium 6al-4v filler Wire mesh

GR1 GR2 GR3 GR4 GR5(6Al4V) GR7(Ti-0.2pd)

GR9 GR12 GR23(GR5 ELI)

Cold Rolled(Y)

Hot Rolled(R)

Polished surface

Black surface

Bright surface




AWS A5.16

  1. Product Classification:

  2. 1.Titanium Wires—rounds titanium welding wire, flats titanium alloy wire, or special shapes titanium mesh wire from Dia0.1mm.(0.5 mm) to 0.250 in. (6.4 mm) buying titanium wire in thickness or major Dimension.

  3. 2.Coils—Coiled titanium welding wire and titanium alloy wire may be spooled on spools if required by the user.

  4. 3.Straight Lengths—After straightening, it may be necessary to perform cleaning or other finishing operations. Straight lengths are normally 10 to 12 ft long (random). Exact lengths may be specified by the purchaser when necessary.

  5. 4.Filler Metal or Titanium Welding Wire—Wire for welding filler

  6. 5.Titanium wire mesh: titanium wire mesh is hard to dissolve to water.It often used to electrolating titanium wire mesh and titanium wire mesh anode basket.

  7. Surface Finish: Black titanium welding wire, Pickling titanium alloy wire, bright titanium wire mesh,acid-washed titanium wires.

Business Process of 2mm Titanium 6al-4v filler Wire mesh

Our company uphold the business idea that "The increase of customers' interests is the only reason for us to exist" to serve our customers by excellent technologies and first-class products.

If you are a diatributor or buyer, you could buy titanium wire from our CXMET company.



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