Polished Tungsten Bar

Polished Tungsten Bar
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Polished Tungsten Bar


  Tungsten, a metallic element. Atomic number 74, atomic weight 183.84. and density of 19.35g/cm3. Gray or silver white, high hardness, high melting point, no air erosion at room temperature. 

  Tungsten after smelting is a silver white shiny metal, melting point is very high, hardness is very high, vapor pressure is very low, evaporation rate is small, chemical properties are relatively stable.


  Mainly used for manufacturing filament and high speed cutting alloy steel, super hard die, also used in optical instruments, chemical instruments.China has the world's largest reserves of tungsten.

Photos for tungsten rod and tungsten bar 

99.95% alkaline tungsten rod  (4)

tungsten rod  (8)

WT20 tungsten electrode  (1)

Polished Tungsten Bars are processed by our own factory and they could be supplied with lower price and higher quality. 

  Tungsten products are include, tungsten rod, tungtsen bar, tungsten sheet, tungsten plate, tungsten wire, tungsten pipe, tungsten tube, tungsten crucible, tungsten boat, tungsten targets. 

  All above products could be suppluied as your demands. 


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