Tungsten Sputtering Target

Tungsten Sputtering Target
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Product name:Tungsten sputtering target

Density: 99.9% of theoretical density

Purity: ≥99.95%

Specification: single weight ≤200kg / pc

Density19.3 g/cm3
Solubility in H2ON/A
Electrical Resistivity5.65 microhm-cm @ 27°C
Electronegativity1.7 Paulings
Heat of Vaporization185 K-Cal/gm atom at 5660°C
Poisson's Ratio0.28
Specific Heat0.0317 Cal/g/K @ 25°C
Tensile Strength750 MPa
Thermal Conductivity1.73 W/cm/K @ 298.2 K
Thermal Expansion(25 °C) 4.5 µm·m-1·K-1
Vickers Hardness3430 MPa
Young's Modulus411 GPa

In the process of preparing tungsten sputtering targets, the component purity, density, microstructure, internal quality, welding quality, appearance quality and geometric dimensions have a significant impact on the quality of the target film. Therefore, certain production experience and technical support are needed. Our company specializes in the production of tungsten targets, and has many years of experience and customer recognition.

The sputtering target is used as a magnetron sputtering coating. The sputtering coating is a new type of physical vapor deposition (PVD) method.

Add an orthogonal magnetic field and electric field between the sputtering target (cathode) and anode, and fill the required inert gas (usually Ar gas) in the high vacuum chamber. Under the effect of the electric field, the Ar gas is ionized to positive Positive ions and electrons, a certain negative high voltage is applied to the target, the electrons emitted from the target are affected by the magnetic field and the ionization probability of the working gas is increased, and a high-density plasma is formed in the vicinity. Ar ions in the Lorentz force It accelerates to the target surface under the action, and bombards the target surface at a high speed, so that the atoms sputtered on the target accompany the momentum conversion principle and fly away from the target surface to the substrate to form a film.

Linear FormulaW
MDL NumberMFCD00011461
EC No.231-143-9
Beilstein Registry No.N/A
Pubchem CID23964
InchI IdentifierInChI=1S/W

The main components of sputter coating: flat panel display, coated glass industry (mainly including architectural glass, automotive glass, optical thin film glass, etc.), thin film solar, surface engineering (decoration and tools), (magnetic, optical) recording media, microelectronics, Automotive headlights, decorative coatings, etc.


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