Tungsten Welding Rod

Tungsten Welding Rod
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Product Parameter of Tungsten Welding Rod:

BrandCXMETCore diameterOD1.6x150mDiameterOD1.6x175mm
OriginBaojiNature of the coatedbasic electrodeCurrent amplitude90-220
Lenght150&175Welding current90-220

Wear-resistant welding electrode: the use of carbon steel as the core of the low sodium hydrogen type coating tungsten carbide surfacing welding electrode, relying on the coating carbide alloy transition, surfacing metal tungsten content of 40-50%, because the coating is thicker, so the long sleeve during the welding process, the coating is red after the easy small pieces fall off, so it is appropriate to use dc reverse connection, use a small current.

Tungsten Welding Rod (1)

Tungsten Welding Rod (4)

Application: used for surfacing and welding mechanical parts resistant to strong rock wear, such as concrete mixer blade, bulldozer and pump blade, dredger blade, high speed sand mixing box, etc.

Deposited metal chemical composition (%) chemical composition C Mn Si W

Guaranteed value 1.50~3.00 ≤2.00 ≤4.00 40.0~50.0

Hardfacing layer hardness :HRC≥70

Reference current (DC+) electrode diameter (mm) phi 3.2, phi 4.0, phi 5.0

Welding current (A) 70~120 140~180 180~220

Notice for Tungsten Welding Rod:

1. The electrode shall be baked at 300-350℃ for 1h before welding.

2. When the surfacing part is carbon steel, the preheating temperature is above 300℃; when the surfacing part is low-alloy steel, the preheating temperature is 400-500℃; when the surfacing part is stainless steel, the preheating temperature is 600-650℃.

3. Low-alloy steel and stainless steel shall be annealed at 700℃ after welding.


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