Tungsten Wire For Heating

Tungsten Wire For Heating
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Chemical composition of Tungsten Wire For Heating:

ModelTungsten content%≧Impurity content%≦
WAL1 WAL299.950.05

Tungsten wire USES: except a small amount of use as high temperature furnace heating material, electron tube heat and composite material reinforcement, most are used to make a variety of incandescent lamp and halogen tungsten lamp filament and gas discharge lamp electrode.

Tungsten wire promotes the origin and development of lamps and lanterns industry. The use of lamps and lanterns is the largest application of tungsten wire. This use depends on the creep resistance of the tungsten filament at high temperatures. Tungsten has a very high melting point. 3,695 K) and low vapor pressure at high temperature, suitable for filament materials. But tungsten is brittle, which makes it difficult to make. Today,, the ability to handle filaments so that they do not break is the focus of the entire electric light manufacturing industry.

Tungsten Wire For Heating is mainly used in various types of incandescent lamps. The most common types are general household lights, car lights, floodlights or projectors and reflectors. Tungsten filament is also widely used in many professional lamps, such as audio-visual projectors, optical fiber systems, video camera lights, airport runway markers, medical and scientific instruments, stage or studio systems and so on.


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