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Welding neck flanges is a kind of pipe fitting, refers to the neck and round pipe transition and pipe butt welding connection flange. Welding neck flange is not easily deformed, sealed well, widely used, has the corresponding rigid and elastic requirements and reasonable butt welding thin transition, welding from the joint surface distance is large, the joint surface from welding temperature deformation.

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Welding neck flanges made in China

Welding neck flanges

Welding neck flange applicable scope:

Welding neck flange is not easy to deformation, good sealing, wide application, have corresponding rigid and elastic demand and reasonable butt thinning transition, joint good distance away from the joint face the faying surface from welding deformation temperature, it take more complex syndromes beep form structure, suitable for pressure or temperature fluctuations of pipeline or high temperature, high pressure and low temperature pipes, commonly used in PN is greater than 2.5 MPa pipe and valve connection; Also used for conveying expensive, flammable, explosive medium pipeline.


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