Whole Sale DIN 933 Hexagon Head Titanium Bolts
Whole Sale DIN 933 Hexagon Head Titanium Bolts
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Product Details

Basic Info

  Titanium bolt processed by our own titanium bars and titanium wire. All the chemical composition and room temperate mechanical property could be tested and show the Quality certificate.

Feature for titanium bolt

  • Super hard 

  • ultra-light 

  • super wear-resistant

  • corrosion-resistant 

  • anti-loose with excellent perfomance

Photos for titanium bolts

DIN 933 titanium bolt stock  (3)

DIN 933 titanium bolt stock  (1)

DIN933 titanium bolt  (4)

Application for titanium bolts

  • bicycle 

  • motorcycle 

  • automobile 

  • racing car 

  • yacht 

  • sports 

  • electronics 

  • pharmacy 

  • petroleum 

  • metallurgy 

  • chemical industrial 

  • sea water desalination 

  • marine engineering 

  • construction industry 

  CXMET could supply more standard of titanium fasteners(titanium bolt, titanium screw, titanium nut, titanium washer, titanium thread bar, etc.)

  The standard are GB/T, DIN, ISO, ANSI/ ASME B, UNI, JIS, etc. 

  All the inquiris for titanium fasteners need your standard, size and quantity at least. If you have any demands just try to contact with sunny@cxmet.com