Zirconium Round Bar

Zirconium Round Bar
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Brand: R60702, R60704, R60705, Zr1

Standard: ASTM B551, GB/ t21183-2007

Density: 6.51 g/cm3

Melting point: 1800 ℃ or higher

Purity: 99.6% or higher

Specification: minimum thickness 0.1mm, maximum width 1200mm, length 3000mm

Surface: bright, no cracks, no peeling, no obvious oxidation.

Surface flatness: ≤3%

Impurity composition: total content of impurity element ≤0.05%, single element ≤0.01%

Features: zirconium is a kind of rare metal, with amazing corrosion resistance, extremely high melting point, high hardness and strength and other characteristics, is widely used in military industry, nuclear reaction, atomic energy field.


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