Zirconium Plate Particle

Zirconium Plate Particle
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The melting point of zirconium is 1855 °C (3371 °F), and the boiling point is 4371 °C (7900 °F). Zirconium has an electronegativity of 1.33 on the Pauling scale. Of the elements within the d-block with known electronegativities, Zirconium Plate Particle has the fifth lowest electronegativity after hafnium, yttrium, lanthanum, and actinium.

  At room temperature zirconium exhibits a hexagonally close-packed crystal structure, α-Zr, which changes to β-Zr, a body-centered cubic crystal structure, at 863 °C. Zirconium exists in the β-phase until the melting point.


zirconium particle  (3)

zirconium particle  (2)


   As this feature, zirconium used in some of specific field.

   Some of zirconium particle could be customized as your drawing or sample. 

Basic Info for this kinds of particle 

Material: Zr702

Processing way: punch, weld, sand-blasted 

Drawing: have drawing 

Packing: export wooden case 

zirconium particle  (1).jpg

zirconium particle  (1)

These kinds of Zirconium Plate Particle could be processed as titanium, zirconium. 

Please contact with CXMET, if you also like this kinds of products.


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