Zirconium Sputtering Target

Zirconium Sputtering Target
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Product Parameter of Zirconium Sputtering Target:

Content99.6(%)Impure content0.4(%)Weightcostomziekg/piece)

Marks: R60702, R60704, R60705, Zr1 Zr2

Zirconium standard; ASTM B550 ASTM b550-07 GB/8769-88

Density 6.51kg/m2, melting point 1855℃, boiling point 4409℃

Specification: minimum thickness 0.1, maximum width 1200, maximum length 3000

Application: zirconium rod is mainly used in chemical and electronic industry, mainly used for corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity of zirconium rod.

Process: hot rolling, cold rolling, pickling, shear.

Features: zirconium is a kind of rare metal, with amazing corrosion resistance, high melting point, ultra-high hardness and strength and other characteristics, is widely used in aerospace, military, nuclear reaction, atomic energy field. This "god six" on the use of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant titanium products, its corrosion resistance is far less than zirconium, its melting point of about 1600 degrees, and zirconium melting point is above 1800 degrees, zirconia melting point is as high as 2700 degrees above, so zirconium as aerospace materials, its various aspects of performance is greatly superior to titanium.

Zirconium bar specification; 5.0-200 - mm * L5000mm Φ

Zirconium plate specifications; Delta 0.5-8.0mm* width 100-980mm* length 2000mm

Zirconium pipe specifications; Φ 5.0-110 - mm * wall thickness (1.0 4.5 mm) * long (2000-6000 - mm) cold rolled seamless tube Φ more than 110 * (1.0 8.0 mm) * (1000-2000 - mm) welded pipe

Zirconium foil/tape; (0.05 0.5 mm) * (50-30 mm) * L

Zirconium wire specifications; Φ 1.0 6.0 mm

Zirconium Sputtering Target specifications; 40 Φ Φ 35 Φ 100 * 100 * 95 * 40 95 * 45 Φ (according to customer requirements processing customized and binding services. Professional services in the coating industry, sputtering vacuum coating industry.


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