Zirconium Tube Target

Zirconium Tube Target
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Feature of Zirconium Tube Target

   Zirconium is a greyish-white lustrous metal. The finely divided metal can ignite spontaneously in air, especially at elevated temperatures. The solid metal is much more difficult to ignite. 


Basic info   

  The target could be supplied by titanium, tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, zirconium and hafnium and their alloys. 

  Type of zirconium rotary taget, with thread, with snap-joint, without thread, without snap-joint.

  Processing method: rolled, machinned, etc.


  Common size for zirconium sputtering target mainly processed as 

Zirconium round target: Dia40*17mm, Dia63*32mm, Dia92*38mm, Dia100*32mm, Dia100*40mm, Dia100*45mm, Dia105*16mm, Dia160*12mm, etc.

Zirconium plate target: Dia141*Dia125*1550mm, Dia89*Dia73*1960mm,  Dia152*Dia125*966mm, Dia152*Dia125*1566mm, Dia70*Dia56*1050mm, Dia70*Dia56*2100mm, etc.

Zirconium tube target: 12/13/14*132*1701mm, 12*170*830mm, 18*152*635mm, 18*191*741mm, 18*191*1040mm, 20*190*740mm, etc. 

Photos for Zirconium Tube Target

zirconium target.jpgzirconium target for coating

zirconium U-turn cathode

Zr702 zirconium tube target

  Zirconium tube taget could used as coating target and also could be back target. They could be bonding with the copper tube target. 

  Welcome any kinds of inquiry for the ziroconium tube target and zirconium rotary target.


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