Zirconium Wire Coil

Zirconium Wire Coil
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Product name: zirconium wire Coil

Specification & model:

Zirconium wire: ¢0.1-8.0mm× L(wire)

Zirconium straight wire: ¢0.1-8.0mm×500-3000mm

Surface treatment: pickling surface bright surface

Surface quality: high precision, good finish, no oxidation color, no cracks, peeling, prickling, spots and inclusions. Minor scratches, scratches, spots and pits not exceeding the allowable diameter of the wire are allowed.

USES: with amazing corrosion resistance, extremely high melting point, ultra-high hardness and strength, it is widely used in aerospace, military industry, nuclear reaction, atomic energy and other fields, its melting point in 1800 degrees

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